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Menjawab Pertanyaan Jebakan Interview Bahasa Inggris

Posted by Admin 2012-05-09 2 comments
Terkadang sering kita jumpai baik saudara, teman atau sahabat yang telah berhasil melewati tes materi pada saat melamar pekerjaan namun gagal ketika menghadapi proses Interview, apalagi kalau didalam proses interviewnya menggunakan bahasa Inggris terkadang ada beberapa pertanyaan jebakan yang justru menggagalkan proses interview itu sendiri. Untuk mengantisipasi kegagalan pada saat proses interview berikut cara menjawab pertanyaan jebakan interview bahasa inggris yang dikutip dari

1. “Why should I hire you?”
Real question : “Who are you?”

Do : Stick to how suited you are to the job.
Don't : Go into your life story.

2. “Tell me something negative you’ve heard about the company.”

Real question : Are you objective? Are you a factual person or a gossipmonger?
Do : Say, “you wouldn’t apply at company that you object to.” It is true isn’t it?

Don’t : Talk about rumors.

3. “What do you think about your interview so far?”
Real question : Can you provide practical feedback? How would you do things differently without being too analytical?

Do : Be aware that your resolve is being tested. Answer calmly, and if you can throw in a bit of intelligent humor, they may even start to like you.
Don’t : Get nervous or jittery.

4. “Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Real question : How motivated are you?
Do : Speak about your individual abilities, experience and training.
Don’t : Say you don’t know, or talk about how you “tried” so hard before but now you’re ready.

5. “How good are you at handling pressure?”
Real question : Are you going to run out on us when the going gets tough?
Do : Keep your composure and speak about the time you aced a project within short notice. Or something similar.
Don’t : Go too far back to grade or high school.

6. “If you won the lottery, how would you change your life?”
Real question : Are you altruistic? What is your work ethic, values?
Do : Be honest; let them know you would be elated.
Don’t : Say you would work just to have something to do, or you’d never work again.

7. “Have you ever considered running your own business?”
Real question : “Can you work independently? Does someone have to constantly look over your shoulder?”
Do : Speak about how you work best in a company like the one you are applying to.
Don’t : Babble on about how you’d love to own your own business. Even if you do.

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raffi mengatakan...

ya pak, memang selalu banyak pertanyaan yang menjebak. Apalagi pertanyaan yang pake bahasa inggris.

Obat Herbal Radang Usus mengatakan...

bener,,menag sering pertanyaan itu adalah jebakan yang perlu penafsiran trsendiri..

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